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Sustainable wellbeing and green living

Let's find ways to Flourish!

Flourishing Things: Shoreline Clean-up Days

Due to accumulating plastic and waste, protecting our waterways is more important than ever. Litter has a tendency to accumulate in the environment, contaminating soil, water, and wildlife habitats. These human-made problems require human-made solutions. It is inspiring to see cities taking initiative by partaking in river clean ups. Volunteers gather together to remove litter from riverbanks and surrounding environments. Calgary, in western Canada is an example of a city that is committed to improving the quality of its riverbanks. The Pathway and River Clean-up is an annual event hosted in the springtime. Volunteers are encouraged to register to join a designated leader and area in order to maximize the efficiency of the clean up. This event occurred for the first time in 1967 when Sandra Crawford, a twelve-year-old girl, noticed a mattress lying on the edge of the Elbow River. After failed attempts at removing the misplaced mattress, she contacted the local newspaper, the Calgary...


Just Breathe

It can all be too much. The climate crisis, the great Pacific garbage patch, more tigers captive in Texas than there are in the wild. Can this be recycled? How can I get take-out sushi without more plastic? Can I even get sustainably caught sushi?

 Hit pause. Take a breath, and then another, long and slow. In and out. As natural as life itself. That’s all it takes. Slow things down, take a moment to connect. Connect with our bodies, with nature and with ourselves. When we do this we see that solutions are all around us.


The answers are in nature - in that breath. That unseen matrix that

connects us to all life, through all time.


“Invisible and indivisible, air is a place without borders or owners, shared by all life

on Earth. It is the rightful inheritance of all future generations, the matrix that has

shaped the course of evolution. Air binds us all together as a single living entity

extending through time and space. Each one of us, past, present,...


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