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Sustainable wellbeing and green living

Let's find ways to Flourish!

Finding Sustainable Wellbeing

Sustainable Wellbeing may not be a term that you have heard before, but it sure sounds great doesn’t it? "Sustainable" – can be sustained, unlike this pace at work that doesn't feel at all sustainable. And "Wellbeing", “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”(1). Now, what if we expand that definition of Sustainability to also include the meaning that relates to Environmental Sustainability. Where we mean that human actions cause little to no damage to the environment (2) or may even be restorative to environmental systems?

Now the idea becomes pretty mind-blowing.

Can we actually find personal wellness, looking after our mental and physical health AND at the same time, do what is right for the planet?

This is the concept of Sustainable Wellbeing. It is living at the intersection of environmental sustainability and personal wellness. It is seeking balance for ourselves, while working towards solutions that build resilience in human and...


Flourishing Things: Retro Chic Vintage


Fashion and style are cyclical in nature which means that trends are constantly in rotation. Modern trends are influenced by the trends of previous decades, resulting in the ability to upcycle second-hand pieces, buy vintage, and make use of items you may already own. This retro-chic/vintage look can be applied to clothing, furniture, and everything in between! 

Incorporating retro/vintage pieces into your wardrobe or household is a great way to stay on trend while investing in high quality materials and craftsmanship. Considering today’s fast paced trends and use of mass production, high quality items can be difficult to come by when buying new. In addition, purchasing second hand has a positive environmental impact by extending the lifespan of items that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. This is a great alternative to buying new items which can use an abundance of natural resources, chemicals, and synthetic materials in their production. 



Flourishing Things: Cup Share

            Cup sharing initiatives have been gaining popularity in order to reduce the amount of single-use cup and lid waste. If you don’t have time to drink your coffee in the coffee shop, cup sharing allows you to take a reusable cup to-go! Some cup sharing programs allow you to sign up for an account or buy a monthly membership to receive a personal code, while others simply require you to pay a deposit fee at participating coffee shops. You are then free to enjoy your coffee on the go! Depending on which program you’re using, you will receive your deposit fee back or present your member code to account for the cup’s return.

           These cups are sanitized by the participating coffee shops and reused for other customers. Not only is cup sharing good for the environment, but it is also convenient. Do you own a reusable mug but often find yourself forgetting it at home? With...


Flourishing Things: Walking as Transportation

When was the last time you walked to your destination? As cities continue to sprawl outwards and urban designs tend to centre around cars, walking as a means of transportation can seem like a daunting task. However, walking is more efficient than you might think. Reassessing walking distances can result in the realization that walking to work, school, or commercial locations is, in fact, doable. Use the walking feature on google maps to determine how long your walk would take (while keeping in mind that google maps assumes a pace of 5 km/h!). Depending on your circumstances, walking can be a faster method of transportation than bussing or driving. For example, in cities like Venice, Italy, a ten-minute walk can translate to a twenty-minute car ride due to the pedestrian-friendly design. 

Walking is a great way to add some physical activity into your routine. Various studies have shown that physical activity contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, some cancers...


Flourishing Things: Shoreline Clean-up Days

Due to accumulating plastic and waste, protecting our waterways is more important than ever. Litter has a tendency to accumulate in the environment, contaminating soil, water, and wildlife habitats. These human-made problems require human-made solutions. It is inspiring to see cities taking initiative by partaking in river clean ups. Volunteers gather together to remove litter from riverbanks and surrounding environments. Calgary, in western Canada is an example of a city that is committed to improving the quality of its riverbanks. The Pathway and River Clean-up is an annual event hosted in the springtime. Volunteers are encouraged to register to join a designated leader and area in order to maximize the efficiency of the clean up. This event occurred for the first time in 1967 when Sandra Crawford, a twelve-year-old girl, noticed a mattress lying on the edge of the Elbow River. After failed attempts at removing the misplaced mattress, she contacted the local newspaper, the Calgary...


Just Breathe

It can all be too much. The climate crisis, the great Pacific garbage patch, more tigers captive in Texas than there are in the wild. Can this be recycled? How can I get take-out sushi without more plastic? Can I even get sustainably caught sushi?

 Hit pause. Take a breath, and then another, long and slow. In and out. As natural as life itself. That’s all it takes. Slow things down, take a moment to connect. Connect with our bodies, with nature and with ourselves. When we do this we see that solutions are all around us.


The answers are in nature - in that breath. That unseen matrix that

connects us to all life, through all time.


“Invisible and indivisible, air is a place without borders or owners, shared by all life

on Earth. It is the rightful inheritance of all future generations, the matrix that has

shaped the course of evolution. Air binds us all together as a single living entity

extending through time and space. Each one of us, past, present,...


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