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Flourishing Things: Vinyl Records

Record players, in many different forms, have been bringing music into homes for over a century. It wasn’t until the invention of CDs and digital files that vinyl records became seemingly obsolete. Although once considered a relic of the past, vinyl records have made a resurgence in the 21st century. The market for vintage records has significantly increased and modern artists and bands are now releasing vinyl versions of their albums due to popular demand. 

Listening to vinyl records lets you slow down and engage with the music. There is something satisfying about sliding the record out of its sleeve, placing it on the turntable, and lowering the needle onto its grooves. Physically interacting with music is sometimes overlooked, as society has transitioned over to digital files which allow us to play music with just a click of a button. Unlike digital files, you can’t throw a vinyl record on shuffle and let the music fade into the background. You’re responsible for flipping the record and manually switching to the next album you want to listen to. Although they’re not very portable, vinyl records allow people to enjoy a tactile experience when listening to their favourite albums. 

Additionally, the sound quality of vinyl records is enjoyable for many. Newly produced records use digital files and improved recording technology to improve the sound quality. This differs from vintage or retro vinyls that produce a slightly grainier sound (which are preferred by some due to the associated nostalgia). Whether you are listening to modern or vintage records, the subtle hum of the needle against the record grooves is a well-loved sound that is tied to the experience of vinyl records.

If you still have any lying around, dust off your vinyl records and take the time to interact with your music! If not, new (or like new) vinyl records can be found in a variety of places such as local music stores, thrift shops, vintage stores, online retailers, or borrowed from a friend or family member. 



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