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Flourishing Things: Cup Share

            Cup sharing initiatives have been gaining popularity in order to reduce the amount of single-use cup and lid waste. If you don’t have time to drink your coffee in the coffee shop, cup sharing allows you to take a reusable cup to-go! Some cup sharing programs allow you to sign up for an account or buy a monthly membership to receive a personal code, while others simply require you to pay a deposit fee at participating coffee shops. You are then free to enjoy your coffee on the go! Depending on which program you’re using, you will receive your deposit fee back or present your member code to account for the cup’s return.

           These cups are sanitized by the participating coffee shops and reused for other customers. Not only is cup sharing good for the environment, but it is also convenient. Do you own a reusable mug but often find yourself forgetting it at home? With cup sharing initiatives, you’ll never be caught off guard without your reusable cup or have to deal with the hassle of transporting one wherever you go.

            There are a variety of cup sharing initiatives around the world. The Cup Exchange (TCX) is an Australian company founded by Marty and Jeremy Rowell. Cup Club, founded in 2015 by Safia Qureshi, is a London-based program that has won numerous sustainability awards. Many coffee shops in Germany have partnered with Recup to provide customers with a sustainable option for coffee lovers. Reego, Cuppy, Mugshare, Nulla Project, and LaTasse are Canadian cup sharing programs that are based in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Check out cup sharing initiatives in your city so you can participate in this movement that reduces waste production and promotes sustainability!

The Cup Exchange

Cup Club


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