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World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or more commonly known as WWOOF, is a network of national organizations that help pair volunteers and organic farmers together in order to create a mutually beneficial farming experience that creates a positive impact on the environment, and helps share knowledge about organic farming. A WWOOF arrangement requires no monetary exchanges between the volunteers and the farmers, as the hosts provide food and shelter in exchange for help with daily tasks around the farm. This arrangement facilitates experiential learning about the environment, sustainable agriculture, and culture of the country you are WWOOFing. 

There are a wide variety of countries and hosts available to choose from on the Federation of WWOOF Organizations website. Some countries have their own national WWOOF organizations that you may find a host or list your farm through, while other countries which do not have a national organization are listed under the WWOOF Independents website. There are WWOOF hosts located in 210 countries around the world for volunteers to choose from! While Australia and New Zealand are quite popular choices and currently have the largest number of hosts, there is a WWOOF destination out there for everyone. Whether you wish to learn about organic farming while you travel or host volunteers, You can find WWOOFing opportunities in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, or Oceania. Participating in WWOOFing is a great way to get connected with individuals interested in the sustainable agriculture movement! There are many different types of farms for you to choose from, such as dairy farms, greenhouses, wineries, vegetable farms, and orchards.

Once you have determined your country of choice, you are able to sign up as a volunteer with the WWOOF Organization responsible for that country. This step requires a one-time payment in order to access the list of hosts and their contact information. The duration, materials required, and living and working arrangements of your trip are determined between you and your host. This ensures that your experience can be tailored to your needs as well as the needs of your host. Keep in mind that it is important to ask your potential host questions about their expectations so that the experience is beneficial for both of you! Some useful questions include asking what your schedule will look like each week, what kinds of chores you would be helping with, if there are available leisure and sightseeing activities, what kind of transportation is nearby, and what your living accommodations will be like. Specific WWOOF Organizations for your country of choice will have guidelines and tips for potential WWOOFers that are specific to that location.

The knowledge and memories gained from a WWOOF experience is something you will treasure for a lifetime. Being able to contribute to the production of sustainable agriculture leaves individuals with a newfound appreciation for the hard work and determination that goes into the production of sustainable food. Additionally, the knowledge gained about the land and agriculture techniques throughout one’s WWOOF experience can help people learn how to grow their own food and live life as a small-scale farmer, further supporting and embracing sustainable agriculture. Experiencing a different culture is another great benefit that comes out of a WWOOF experience. You will have been given the opportunity to live authentically with people from your country of choice and learn about their traditions and language, while sharing experiences and stories with each other.

Federation of WWOOF Organizations

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