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Rooftop Gardens

Gardening is a great pastime that benefits your mental and physical health, and allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing environment and harvest different fruits and vegetables. That being said, not everyone has access to a yard or garden. Living in an apartment building may mean that traditional forms of gardening are not an option for you. However, rooftop gardens are a great alternative for those who have limited space. The easiest approach to rooftop gardening is the use of containers and planters. This method is affordable and practical, as the containers can be easily moved around to suit your needs and preferences. Alternatives to container gardening include installing a permanent green roof. Green roofs have soil and plants built directly into the roof structure and require professional design and installment. Make sure to check with your landlord before implementing a rooftop garden as there may be certain regulations you must adhere to.

Some considerations you might want to consider for your rooftop garden include type of plants, size of planters, and accessibility. Your plants of choice should be well-suited to the rooftop environment. Determine how much sun your roof gets in a day. Is it fully exposed or partially surrounded by trees or buildings that provide shade? Choose plants that correspond to these conditions. Keep in mind that roof conditions can often be harsh in terms of heat and wind. Adding structures that provide shade or minimize wind exposure can be a way to work around any harsh conditions you encounter.

The size of planters or containers for your rooftop garden must be compatible with the plants you are growing, as well as with the building itself. Depending on what you are growing, a certain depth of soil may be required in order to produce the best results. This is often the case with fruits and vegetables.

When planning your rooftop garden consider the ease of accessibility. Is there an easily accessible way of getting up to the rooftop? Are you able to connect a hose or install a rain barrel for easy watering? Do you have a space to store gardening tools and supplies? Additionally, think about who will have access to the rooftop garden. Consider starting a gardening club and inviting other tenants to join your rooftop garden.

Rooftop gardening ideas and care tips

Alternatives and the Rooftop Garden Project’s guide to implementing an edible rooftop garden

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