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Recycled Jewelry

How to be an eco-friendly fashionista

I love fashion and accessorizing with great jewelry is a part of that - but I try hard to reduce my environmental footprint, so the use of metals and rare gems in jewelry and the plastics, metals and resins used in fashion jewelry just doesn’t fit the bill. But, I have found some great alternatives that you might like to consider when you want to accessorize. In addition to relying on what you already own, or dipping into vintage finds there are cool recycled jewelry on the market that also supports local makers.

Whether it is rings, earrings, body jewelry, necklaces, or bracelets, is often worn to express yourself, complete an outfit, or add some interest to your appearance. Your jewelry may even feel like an extension of yourself – something that you don’t leave the house without! This desire to decorate our bodies has been around for thousands of years. Jewelry, whether it is made from animal bones, shells, precious jewels, or metals, has been worn by our ancestors since the time they were living in caves. Although jewelry has historically been a symbol of wealth and power and was reserved for the elite members of society, this is no longer the case. All sorts of jewelry at different price ranges have become available and accessible to the average consumer. Purchasing jewelry that reflects your personal style has become easier than ever considering the plethora of retailers and companies that sell different kinds of jewelry.

Environmental impact of jewelry production

When shopping for jewelry, it is important to consider not only the price and appearance, but the environmental impact as well! The production of traditional jewelry consists of mining various metals and gemstones from around the world. These extraction processes have the potential to seriously harm the environment. Not only does mining disrupt ecosystems and habitats, but it also causes pollution through the use of toxic chemicals which end up in nearby water sources and soils. Additionally, the extraction of some metals, such as gold, requires copious amounts of water, significantly altering the environment.

Recycled jewelry is a great option for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact and find a unique and interesting piece for their collection! Recycled jewelry makes use of old materials which are turned into something new! Anything from old zippers, to computer parts, and recycled glass and more can be used to create recycled jewelry. Instead of sending these materials to the landfill, they are given a second life!

Skateboards become jewelry!

Everskate is a skateboarding organization that creates and sells jewelry that is made out of old skateboard parts. Instead of being thrown out, old, broken or worn out skateboards are used to make all sorts of stylish jewelry including rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Skateboards are often made out of layered North American Maple and stainless-steel bearings. These materials come in a variety of different colours and are perfect for making stylish and sustainable jewelry. Because skateboard decks come in all sorts of colours and patterns, each individual piece of jewelry is unique! No two products are the same.

Silverware as jewelry

Jewelry that is made out of old silverware is another example of recycled jewelry that is gaining popularity. Many silver eating utensils, especially ones that are vintage or antique, have ornate designs on the handles. These beautifully designed utensils are transformed into pieces of jewelry by manipulating the metal into rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. These unique pieces extend the lifespan of the silverware they are made from, saving them from the landfill and preserving their beautiful designs.

Vintage and family jewelry

While recycled jewelry can be made from repurposed items, it can also include jewelry that has been owned and worn by someone before you. What better way to combat the environmental effects of creating new jewelry than making use of jewelry that has already been created? Vintage jewelry is a great way to dress up your outfit and make a statement with a unique piece! The fact that vintage items are often made with quality materials and craftsmanship is an added bonus! These statements are also true for any jewelry that has been passed down in your family. Not only will it be unique, but it will have a sentimental value that new jewelry can't replicate.

Vintage reimagined

Another great way to pass down family history is with new jewelry created from old family pieces that are outdated or broken. Many jewelers enjoy using these family treasures to create a modern and meaningful piece. This is another great option worth investigating when you want to give a meaningful, low impact gift.

Next time you find yourself looking for a meaningful, environmentally friendly, and unique piece of jewelry, either for yourself or for a gift, consider buying a piece that has been recycled! You can even make your own recycled jewelry with the help of online tutorials!

Skateboard jewelry

Recycled jewelry DIY instructions and ideas

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