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One Year of Sustainable Wellbeing Activities

Sustainable wellbeing is the intersection of personal wellbeing with social and environmental sustainability. By pursuing sustainable wellbeing, we can feel good about ourselves while taking care of the planet and community we live in!

While finding sustainable wellbeing is our goal, it might seem easier said than done. You might find yourself wondering “what exactly does sustainable wellbeing look like?” or “what concrete steps can I take to achieve sustainable wellbeing?”

Well, there isn’t one path towards sustainable wellbeing. The truth is that sustainable wellbeing looks different for everyone. The steps you take to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing are likely to be determined by your own lifestyle, values, personality and more.

That being said, it certainly can be difficult to forge your own path at times. If you struggle with thinking of ways to achieve sustainable wellbeing, you’re not alone! Staying inspired isn’t always an easy task – which is why I have come up with a list of 52 actions and activities to aid you in your journey towards sustainable wellbeing.

These activities can be completed weekly for an entire year, or can be used whenever you are feeling uninspired to supplement the steps you are already taking towards achieving sustainable wellbeing.

The 52 activities outlined below are meant to target all three components of sustainable wellbeing without being too overwhelming or time consuming.

Personal Wellbeing

Choose from the activities below to improve your physical, mental, and/or spiritual wellbeing.

-Have a hygge evening

-List 3 recent wins

-Do some art therapy

-Make a gratitude tree

-Write a self compassionate letter

-Find a silver lining

-Write about three funny things that happened today

-Relish in the pleasures of your day


-Write a gratitude letter and visit

-Mindful breathing exercises

-Create a time capsule

-Give up one of your pleasures for a week

-Do an electronic detox

-Build a self-care playlist

-Plan a personal wellness retreat at home

-Awe walk – let yourself be inspired by the nature around you, revisit old places, try somewhere new

-Yoga practice

-Add more physical activity into your day

-Move your body - partake in a physical activity of your choice that you enjoy

-Learn by walking - wander around a familiar or unfamiliar landscape with the goal of learning something new

 Environmental Wellbeing

 Choose from the activities below to improve your environmental wellbeing. These activities aim to protect natural systems, promote ecological restoration, and/or improve human connection to nature.

-Create nature art

-Plant a tree

-Try forest bathing

-Repair or fix an item in need

-Buy something second-hand instead of new

-Change your diet for a day - eat vegetarian, vegan, or organic

-Find a new way to make use of your food scraps

-Spend some time in the garden

-Collect and press flowers or leaves

-Go on a night walk

-Record the sunset or sunrise through paints, coloured pencils, or words

-Write a poem about the current season you are in

-Make a plastic-free swap

- Ride your bike or walk to your destination instead of driving

-Listen to the sounds of nature, your community or your household - be present, enjoy it as you slow down

-Take a moment out of your day to appreciate nature

 Community Wellbeing

 Choose from the activities below to enhance your community or social wellbeing. These activities aim to improve your relationships, promote social justice, and help you better your community.

-Get involved with local ENGO

-Eat local

-Organize a neighbourhood clean up

- Do a small act of kindness

-Write a positive comment/give positive feedback to a local business, website, or blog

-Send a care package to a loved one

-Strike up a conversation with a stranger

-Plan a date night

-Donate to food bank/used clothing/old blankets to animal shelters

-Share your favourite recipe with someone

-Join an online forum

-Shop local

-Spend quality time with someone in your life

-Reconsider your commitments - can you do more for others and yourself by doing less?

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