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Nap Rooms in the Workplace

Have you ever found yourself nodding off at your desk or falling asleep on the job? While this can be embarrassing if caught, some workplaces are actually encouraging their employees to take naps during the day! Napping at work might sound unproductive, but in reality, the negative effects you may be experiencing due to lack of sleep might be causing your performance to decrease.

Some symptoms of not getting enough sleep include lack of concentration, headaches, irritability, and reduced ability to remember and keep track of things. In the long term, sleep deprivation can cause serious health issues such as hypertension, heart attacks, and a weakened immune system. While making sleep a priority and getting a full 7- 8 hours is one way to reduce these negative effects, taking a nap during the day is another option!

Companies with nap rooms/pods

People’s lives are often fast-paced, resulting in seemingly not enough hours in the day. With so many errands to run and tasks to complete, people are putting their sleep schedules on the backburner. Workplaces have started to implement sleep pods and nap rooms to encourage their employees to de-stress and re-energize with a quick nap, effectively improving their productivity at work.

Some businesses that have started making sleep a priority include Uber’s San Francisco headquarters and Google Canada’s Toronto office where there are specific rooms designated for napping. Companies such as Cisco, an IT and networking company, have invested in nap pods which provide a private and comfortable place to sleep. These office additions have proven to be invaluable for employees who work odd hours, are suffering from stress, or are simply not getting enough sleep during the night.

Rules and policies surrounding napping at work

Every company will deal with nap rooms and nap pods differently when it comes to rules and policies. While workplaces are recognizing the importance of sleep, they are not encouraging employees to sleep through the entire workday! According to the Mayo clinic, naps should only be around 10-20 minutes and between the hours of 2pm to 3pm. The longer you nap, the more likely you’ll wake up feeling tired and groggy. Napping later in the day can also mess with your REM sleep. Some nap rooms may require employees to book a room or log in and out in order to keep a balance between productivity and wellness.

Give napping a go!

If you are lucky enough to have a nap room or nap pods in your workplace, consider making use of them in order to be your most productive and efficient self. If your workplace doesn’t have a designated room for sleeping, consider bringing up the possibility with coworkers or higher-ups. Simply blocking off a regular conference room for a couple hours in the day can work just as well as a designated nap room or nap pod. All you need to do is block out the sunlight and provide some comfortable recliners or couches.

Pros and cons of naptime at the workplace

Why are nap rooms important at work?

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