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Moving for the joy of it

People are motivated to get active for a variety of reasons. Extrinsic factors such as the desire to lose weight are often motivations for engaging in physical activity. However, extrinsic factors often result in exercise routines that can’t be maintained. Intrinsic factors such as decreased stress and increased health lead to a life-long commitment to being active. It is important to acknowledge that being active does not necessarily mean exercise. Simply increasing your movement throughout the day can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Think back to when you were a child. When running, playing, and moving your body was the best part of your day. Physical activity doesn’t have to be boring. Learning to enjoy not only physical activity but simply moving, for the way it makes you feel is a great way to incorporate a healthy and sustainable routine into your life.

Sedentary lifestyles are adopted by many, as office jobs are increasingly common and free-time activities are often conducted while sitting or lying down. Humans have an inherent need for movement. Breaking up your day with bursts of activity, whether that be walking, dancing, or jogging, will provide you with the movement your body is craving.

Increased movement can help promote the release of endorphins, provide increased energy, improve quality of sleep, and improve your overall mood. Unsurprisingly, these benefits you get from moving more often will greatly increase your quality of life. Incorporating friends and family into your physical activity is a great way to get motivated. Going on walks on your lunch break, taking a dance class, swimming, joining a recreational sports team, hula hooping, or tossing a frisbee around are just some of the many possible ways to spark joy through movement. 

Try the Joy Workout!

Yoga for All

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