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Local Maker's Markets

Maker’s markets are great places to find local handmade items and quality goods. These markets are common in the summer alongside farmer’s produce as well as in the winter at craft and Christmas markets. A wide variety of goods are sold at maker’s markets such as handcrafted jewelry, bath and self-care products, canned and preserved food, original art, candles, pottery, fashion accessories, décor items, and so much more. Every seller brings something unique to the table, as their products are one of a kind and made with care. There are plenty of reasons to support maker’s markets in your area!

Attending and shopping at local maker’s markets is a great way to support local businesses and participate in community building activities. By purchasing goods from local vendors, you are directly helping an individual or family in your community. This is beneficial for your local economy as it ensures that money is circulating within your community. It also allows you to make personal connections with the people who supply you with these unique goods and products. This means that you are able to learn about the process through which your jam, soap, artwork or bag was created, as well as what ingredients were used. This information is valuable, as you are able to appreciate the time and care that went into each product and identify whether the ingredients or materials used align with your personal beliefs and preferences. For example, local maker’s markets are a great place to source clean beauty products or items that utilize local materials such as reclaimed wood and textiles.

Another great thing about local maker’s markets is that they are a great way to spend some time. Not only are there many vendors with a wide variety of items to purchase, but maker’s markets often host food vendors and live music as well. You will often find local food trucks and bakeries at these venues, providing shoppers with snacks to munch on throughout the day. Additionally, lemonade stands, coffee shops, and wine makers are also commonly found at maker’s markets. These additions to maker’s markets can turn your shopping trip into a whole day affair, or a great evening out! With plenty of entertainment, food, and drinks, maker’s markets are an ideal place to spend the day with friends and family and engage with your neighbours and community.

Local handmade goods have the added value of being unique, and one of a kind. This means that there will be no pressure to “upgrade” to a newer version because your item is perfect as it is. In addition, you can be sure that no one else will have the same item as you. While shopping at a chain store, there is a good chance your friends, family, and neighbours may end up with the same dishware or fashion accessories as you. When buying handmade, no two items are ever exactly the same. Even better, your purchase can be a reflection of your values. Check out nearby maker’s markets in order to discover your next unique find!

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