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Kids for Saving Earth: The Resource that Every Teacher Needs

When we think about the long-lasting impact of climate change, our concerns are often centred around future generations. This is because environmental issues such as climate change and ecological degradation have created uncertain futures for children around the globe.

While children are the least responsible for climate change, they will experience the greatest burden of its impact and will be saddled with the responsibility of finding a climate change solution. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals acknowledge that children are “critical agents of change and will find in the new goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world.”

Kids for Saving Earth

Clinton Hill was a child who took environmental activism into his own hands. In the 1980s, Clinton started a club for kids which was dedicated to peaceful Earth-saving actions. This club was first started in his school, Sunny Hollow Elementary, located in New Hope, Minnesota, U.S.

Clinton created this club as a result of his passion and concern for the environment, as well as his dream of contributing to a healthier planet. After passing away from cancer at the tragically young age of eleven, Clinton’s dream was carried on by his mother Tessa, and father, William.

They established Kids for Saving Earth as a non-profit organization in 1998. Kids for Saving Earth aims to inspire children to care about and protect the environment by providing parents and instructors with engaging educational materials.

Kids for Saving Earth “education into action”

Kids for Saving Earth website provides educators and parents with access to “education into action” environmental education curriculum.

For example, visitors to the website are able to access the Kids Campaign to Cool Our Earth which consists of an A-Z list of climate change-related issues such as burning fossil fuels, precious species, and urban heat. Each issue is defined and described in terms of its positive or negative impact on the environment. Kid-friendly solutions to the issue are provided as well, along with additional resources and activities!

The Kids Campaign to Cool Our Earth is a great resource for not only teaching children about the issues related to climate change but providing them with hope for the future!

The Kids for Saving Earth website also provides educators and parents with a variety of printable worksheets that can be filled out at home or in the classroom. These worksheets cover many different topics such as organic farming and gardening, as well as a call-to-action template for children and their families to fill out.

Quick and easy eco activities

Kids for Saving Earth also provides a list of quick and easy eco activities to help children interact with the environment in a way that reduces their environmental footprint. For example, a bike rodeo is one way of getting children active while educating them about bicycle safety rules.

Other eco activities provided by Kids for Saving Earth include going to the library to reuse books, learning from senior citizens about their experiences before single use items, packing a green lunch, and composting.

These activities are great for engaging children in fun and enjoyable activities that teach them how to live sustainably.

Action Programs

While quick and easy eco activities are beneficial, it is also important to include more intensive and time-consuming action programs into children’s environmental education. The Kids for Saving Earth website contains a list of environmental action programs that parents or educators may wish to make use of!

One example is creating a backyard/balcony habitat at home or at school. Using a downloadable PDF resource from Kids for Saving Earth, children are able to learn about the various elements that are required in order to create a happy habitat. By following the steps provided, children are able to plan and implement a wildlife habitat suitable for a variety of living creatures!

Ideas on how to host an Earth Expo, whether it is at school, a religious space, or recreation centre, can also be found on this useful site! Kids for Saving Earth was the official host of the United Nations Earth Expo in 1991, and they have handy tips for creating an unforgettable, and sustainable event.

Join Kids for Saving Earth!

You can join Kids for Saving Earth by obtaining a free membership which includes an educational packet. This packet consists of an All About KSE DVD, 1 promise certificate, the KSE E-pal newsletter, and samples of KSE materials. Paid memberships which are made specifically for different school age groups or families are also available and range from $12 to $26 USD.

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