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Flourishing Things: International Day of Happiness

The United Nations International Day of Happiness is celebrated across the globe on March 20th. Happiness was recognized by the United Nations as a fundamental human goal in 2011. While economic growth is commonly associated with the success of countries and their citizens, the newly acknowledged importance of happiness and mental wellbeing is beginning to shift perspectives. The first UN conference on happiness took place in 2012, and the following year marks the first global celebration of the United Nations International Day of Happiness. 

There is a theme assigned to every International Day of Happiness. The theme for the 2013 International Day of Happiness was “Happy Heroes.” This theme encouraged participants to celebrate the people within their communities that brought them joy and happiness. Showing appreciation for those who brighten up our lives is a great way to ensure the spread of happiness and wellbeing continues. The 2014 theme of “Reclaiming Happiness” asked people to share images over social media which brought them happiness. These images, which showcased the wide variety of subjects, demonstrated that happiness is diverse and does not look the same for everyone. More recently, the 2019 International Day of Happiness theme was “Happier Together.” This theme encouraged people to focus on the things we have in common with each other instead of our differences. 

Some past International Day of Happiness events that have taken place across the globe include flash mobs, laughter yoga, social gatherings and personal acts of kindness.

International Day of Happiness is organized by a non-profit organization called Action for Happiness. Action for Happiness is a great resource for people to learn about the things they can do to increase their own happiness and bring happiness to others. Their website features content such as the 10 keys to happiness, a list of simple actions, community events, and learning opportunities. Make sure to check out how you can get involved in this year's International Day of Happiness!

Day of Happiness

Action for Happiness

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