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Green Salon Certification

What if there were a way to pamper ourselves with a haircut or other salon services without feeling guilty about the impacts on the environment? Well, now we can - and the salon owners and professionals also benefit from going green!

It is no secret that salons, whether they cater to hair, nails, or other personal care services, have a significant impact on the environment. With the wide variety of products, chemicals, packaging, and disposables that are used in the salon industry, it is easy to see how they contribute to environmental issues such as water use, pollution and waste production.

If you take a moment to think about it, it becomes obvious that there are significant environmental issues that are accompanied by these types of businesses. That being said, sometimes you may feel that it is necessary to visit a salon in order to receive a professional service. After all, the DIY haircut is not for everyone!

Luckily, there is a way that you as a customer can feel less guilty about those salon services! Many salons are striving for sustainability by receiving green salon certifications.

Green Circle Salons

One way that salons are reducing their environmental impact is through becoming Green Circle certified. Green Circle Salons is the world’s first sustainable salon solution that helps salons to recover up to 95% of their beauty waste. This waste includes hair clippings, foils, excess hair colour, aerosol cans, and colour tubes.

Salons that partner with Green Circle are able to separate and collect their beauty waste, and even used personal protective equipment, and ship it back to Green Circle. This waste is then turned into new products or clean energy instead of ending up in the landfill or waterways. Green Circle is B Corp certified, meaning that their practices meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

If you own a salon located in North America, consider becoming a Green Circle certified salon! And if you’re a customer, you can check out Green Circle salons near you using the salon directory on the Green Circle website.

Benefits of going green

One of the main benefits of going green is of course the positive environmental impact of green certified salons! In the case of Green Circle salons, items such as hair clippings, which would have otherwise decomposed in a landfill, are composted, turned into bio-composite plastic, or used to research and develop new environmental technology. It turns out that human hair is exceptionally good at sopping up oil slicks on the ocean!

Similarly, single use products such as wax strips, cotton swabs, and nail files are used in a waste-to-energy process with the leftover ash being used as filler in asphalt. Products and chemicals that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill are able to be used in creative and environmentally friendly ways.

Along with environmental benefits, there are also economic incentives to go green as well. By showcasing your values through a certification program, your business will attract customers and employees that share these same values.  Being a reputable business that cares about their impact will be sure to boost your reputation within the industry and among clients.

Green your salon

If you are a salon owner, or work in the industry, consider the different ways you can reduce your environmental impact, whether it is with your own initiatives or through a certification program that will hold you accountable and assist you in your journey to sustainability.

If you are a customer, look into salons near you that are certified green salons. This way, you can purchase your favourite beauty and personal care treatments without costing the environment!

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