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Green Doggie Waste Bags

Yes, we do love our pets! And as a dog owner, I am sure that you are responsible on your walks and pick up after your beloved buddy. But what about the impact of that doggie waste bag? Are we destined to be adding more plastic to the landfill as responsible dog owners?

No, not at all! There are great alternatives in the form of compostable doggie waste bags!

Just because petroleum-based bags are common, doesn’t mean they are the only option. Although we use dog waste bags in order to clean up after our dogs and leave the environment cleaner and safer, we can do this without adding more plastic to the environment.

Compostable doggie waste bags

An earth-friendly alternative to petroleum based doggie waste bags are bags that are compostable. While many products are labelled as “biodegradable,” this term can often be tricky, as most materials will eventually break down in the environment over time. A product may be biodegradable but that doesn’t mean they’ll break down anytime soon! And, they may just break down into smaller bits of plastic! Instead, products that are labelled as “compostable” meet specific requirements that ensure they degrade quickly and safely.

Companies that sell compostable doggie waste bags

When looking for a compostable doggie waste bag to purchase, it is important to know an important key term. A bag that is classified as ASTM D6400 means that it complies with the most environmentally friendly guidelines created by the American Society for Testing and Materials International.

A couple of brands whose doggie waste bags are classified as ASTM D6400 include BioBag Pet Waste Bags, Earth Rated PoopBags, and Rover the Original Poop Bags.

 Dog-waste composting

To help ensure that the dog waste and bag is actually composted, some municipalities are introducing dog-waste compost receptacles. See if any are available in your area.

As a dog owner using compostable doggie waste bags, you can feel good about cleaning up after your dog while caring for the environment! Did someone say “It’s time for a walk”?

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