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From the Flourishing Community

In honour of the 100th edition of the Flourishing Fridays newsletter, I thought it would be great to profile some of the amazing work that folks in this community are doing. Sharing some inspiration and celebrating our wins, big and small. Together we are learning about how to live more sustainably, how to spread the ideas of green living and to enjoy life more!

What an amazing and inspiring list!

Aditya is helping to educate others about the importance of protecting wilderness.

AJ fixes appliances, builds with reclaimed lumber, raises bees and enjoys time in nature.

AK – promotes thrifted fashion for badass Millennials on her social media accounts.

Angelika got small recycling bins for her condo complex and avoids wasting food.

Anuradha – runs sustainable clothing companies using all traditional textiles and zero waste production that also provides employment for women in India.

Amanda is eating more local food and loves to support local businesses.

Anders helps kids in low-income neighbourhoods build and maintain bikes.

Ashlee is now a conscious consumer and loves to grow her own food.

Avantika helps connect people to animals and the natural world through her new podcast “Animals and Us - voices of a new paradigm”.


Barrie is getting active in nature each week, especially with his grandkids.

Belynda uses zero-waste household cleaning products.

Benjamin put a “no flyers please” sign on his mailbox and is always looking for ways to live lighter on the earth.

Beth advocates for sustainable transportation options and co-founded a car co-op.

Bruce is converting his yard into a permaculture garden and educating his grandkids.


Candice helps people live a low-impact lifestyle.

Carl helps people live more intentionally through slow and bold approaches to life.

Charlotte helps reduce the use of plastic food wrap by making and selling bees wax-infused fabric food wraps.

Corrine loves sewing using sustainable and vintage fabrics.


Daniella is making her own personal care products and growing food in her garden.

Dave educates people on organic gardening and runs a sustainable greenhouse.

Dayna organizes a car share cooperative and works on sustainable urban planning.

Devin works on energy-efficient building mechanical systems.

Dorcas has helped create a community garden for people with substance use disorders and experiencing homelessness.


Elizabeth collects recyclables and takes them to the nearest recycling centre in the neighbouring community.

Erin advocates for the unsheltered population in her community.

Florence sews tote bags out of upholstery fabric samples that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.


Greg educates people about permaculture, caring for fruit trees, and all things urban farming!

Getty helps people cook healthy whole foods and enjoy what is in season.


Heather packs eco-friendly lunches for her daughters and teaches them to respect the earth.


Jean makes greeting cards from her artwork and gives consumable gifts.

Joan grows much of her own produce even in a short growing season!

Julia purchases sustainable skincare products.


Karen is crocheting plastic bags into sleeping mats for those in need.

Kale works to educate university students and staff about sustainability issues.

Keith repairs found bikes to give to those in need of a bike and rides or walks most of the year in addition to producing large amounts of his family’s food in his yard.

Kelly has created a deeply sustainable fibre spinning practice and teaches people how to spin natural and ethical fibres for creativity and meditation.

Kimberly helps expecting mothers parent more sustainably for the planet and for themselves.

Kristopher hunts to avoid factory-farmed meat.

Kristy works with communities on climate change adaptation and resilience.


Larissa is trying to avoid single-use plastics and disposable products.

Laura D shows parents how to raise eco-minimalists.

Laura L is studying how climate change is communicated and processed through art.

Laurie grows all kinds of produce and also works on environmental policy and legislation.

Lauren M helps teachers facilitate nature connections for children through education.

Lauren S. mostly carpools when she needs to drive somewhere.

Leanne is enjoying learning about composting.

Linda O. is growing food and living a low-impact lifestyle.

Linda Z. is being active outdoors and consuming less.

Lori creates delicious vegan baking using many foods grown in her urban garden.

Luise uses her illustrations to document climate change stories.


Madhulika is creating employment through traditional silk production in rural India.

Maxine is picking up garbage on her walk to work.

Monika works with coffee producers and buyers for equitable systems of Fair Trade and sustainability.

Manny upcycles broken cameras and vintage equipment to make unique home décor.

Marta is bringing stories of climate change and resilience to social media through art with the Climate Illustrated project.

Melissa uses thrift-store natural fibre sweaters to make fashionable wrist-warmers.

Michaela helps people to see the issue of climate change through stories and artwork.

Noelle sews scrunchies and clothing from scrap fabric.


Pia has been bringing the child she babysits for walks in the woods to appreciate nature.

Philip helps run a car co-op making it easier for people to get around without owning a vehicle.

Phyllis and her Grandmothers Speak Out group tackle the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report with monthly letters to government Ministers.


Ross got educated on what recyclables are accepted and makes sure to not contaminate the recycling stream.

Roxy is getting out in nature and encouraging others to also enjoy the outdoors.

Ryan is committed to bringing students out onto the tundra to learn from elders and from the land as they do science.


Sandy B shelters stray cats in the depths of winter and also saves seeds for her garden.

Sandy Y grows food in raised bed gardens for her family.

Sarah gets out into nature each day and helps others to experience the beauty of the natural world through her photography.

Shantele grows much of her family’s food and helps to educate children about native Australian wildlife through her artwork.

Sheila renovated her kitchen and repurposed or recycled almost everything!

Sylvie has an abundant garden and championed a petition for a Just Transition.

Sean coordinates Fair Trade networks and advocates for sustainable and fair food systems.

Shaun is working to decolonize the government’s relationship with Indigenous people by helping to create social enterprises that generate green jobs, social value and poverty reduction.

Shoni is helping to educate people about air quality and the health benefits of fewer vehicles on the road.

Sophia is helping to mentor women in science and also grows food in her garden.


Teresa is living a low-waste and intentional life for her family and faith.

Tom learned how to compost in his downtown condo.

Toni tries to live a minimalist lifestyle and eats a vegetarian diet.


Wendy B. accessed a community grant to plant trees in her neighbourhood.

Wendy P. has a large garden and is working towards permaculture and is eating a plant-based diet.


Zack promotes the adoption of Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate and other goods.


Whew, that is a ton of great work going on out there. Keep it up, and keep inspiring others with your work!

If you want to add to this list just drop me a note!

Thanks, Kristina

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