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What to do with stuff that we no longer need? Chances are, you’ve been in this position before and have had to decide on the best course of action when it comes to getting rid of things you no longer need. Although the answer may seem straightforward to some, there are pros and cons associated with almost every method of disposal.

For example, while throwing out an item is the easiest and fastest option, it is usually the worst option for the environment and wasteful if the item is still in good repair. On the other hand, donating your things allows them to be used by others, but there’s a chance they will be sent to the landfill anyways if they don’t end up selling. Perhaps there is another alternative…


Freecycle is a grassroots and 100% non-profit network of people who are looking to give and receive stuff for free in their area. This movement works to ensure that good-quality and fully functioning items stay out of the landfill and service people in need. This is a great alternative to buying new items which not only costs you money, but uses an abundance of natural resources, chemicals, and synthetic materials in their production. Freecycle is a website that hosts over 5,000 groups (categorized by location) and has over 9 million members from all over the world.

How does Freecycle work?

It only makes sense that Freecycle memberships are free, considering the objective of the organization! The Freecycle website is easy to navigate, letting users find a group within their area and post the items you are looking to give away. As long as your items are free, legal, and appropriate for all ages, you will have no issues contributing to the website! In addition to posting your items, you will be able to reply to other’s posts if you see a listing for something you want or need. Members will be able to contact each other in order to arrange pick ups, drop offs, or meet ups at a public location. Often, the platforms ask that you post items before you take any free items. So keep that in mind.

Tips for posting your items:

  1. Include a picture of the item you are giving away. People want to see what the item looks like before committing to taking it! Take a focused photograph in a well-lit location in order to showcase your item.
  2. Add a detailed description about your item. Listing information such as the brand, age, and condition of your item is important, especially if you need to disclose any information such as scratches, flaws, or previous repairs.
  3. Clean your item before giving it away. Nobody likes to receive an item that doesn’t appear to be maintained. As a courtesy to the person who has agreed to take your item, give it a quick clean before the meet up!
  4. Be accommodating! Freecycle is a great way to get involved in your community and help another person out. Additionally, they are helping you get rid of something you no longer want or need. A little kindness goes a long way when it comes to arranging pick up times and locations!

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