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Flourishing Things: Public Meditation Spaces

Taking time to meditate is a great way to recharge and centre yourself throughout the day. Some of the many benefits associated with meditation include reduced stress, improved focus, re-energization, improved sleep, and increased attention span. You don’t need to be at home or have a large block of time in order to meditate. Meditation can be done on the go whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Public meditation spaces offer individuals a quiet and peaceful place to reflect without having to relocate to a completely private location.

One solution to meditating in public spaces is making use of mindfulness or meditation pods. These are structures which are designed to allow individuals to escape from the business of everyday life. The creators of Headspace, a popular meditation app, worked with architects at Oyler Wu Collaborative to create a meditation pod which combines natural materials such as wood and screens that allow users to access Headspace guided meditations. These pods are intended to be placed in parks, offices, schools, and airports in order to encourage meditation on the go. Similar meditation pods are starting to pop up in public spaces, making it easier than ever to take a few minutes to escape and recharge.

Similarly, meditation rooms are starting to gain popularity in offices around the world. Companies such as Pearson, Nike, Google, and Apple have included meditation spaces in their offices, allowing employees to reduce stress and improve their mental wellbeing.

It is possible to meditate in public places even if you are unable to access designated meditation pods or rooms. Whether you are sitting on a park bench, waiting for your flight at the airport, or sitting on the bus, you can choose to use this “free” time to meditate. It may even be a good opportunity to practice tuning out distractions and noise that you might not encounter when meditating at home or in designated spaces. You can always put in some earbuds and use a guided meditation to help drown out the noises around you. Next time you’re out in public and have a few minutes to spare, try out public meditation to expand your practice!

Headspace Meditation Pods

Why you should meditate in public spaces

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