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Flourishing Things: Meditation Apps

As a beginner, jumping into meditation can seem quite daunting. You may find yourself asking “how do I find the time to fit meditation into my busy schedule?” “How do I know if I’m doing it right?” “What should I do with my body while I meditate?” Luckily, there’s an app for that! Guided meditation apps and podcasts have been on the rise, providing users with a user-friendly guide to everything meditation. 

There are a variety of apps and podcasts available for iPhone and Android at different price points. Sleep Cove is a free podcast that was created with the intention of helping people fall asleep through guided meditation, hypnosis, and sleep stories. These features aim to reduce stress levels, effectively helping users fall asleep. This podcast can be found on Apple podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, YouTube, and Google Podcasts.

Another free meditation aid is the Insight Timer app which offers over 30,000 guided meditations. The app features seven categories of meditations: improving sleep; coping with anxiety; managing stress; learning to meditate; mindfulness at work; improving relationships; and boosting self-esteem. Users are also able to choose a customized soundtrack and duration for a self-guided meditation. 

There are many meditation apps that have free trials but require a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock all the available content. Headspace is a well-known app which provides users with meditation tips, as well as guided meditations for sleep, anxiety, stress, movement, and healthy living. The free trial covers the basics of meditation while the premium version provides users with hundreds of meditations and exercises for a wide range of topics. The 10% happier app offers guided meditations and teachings that aim to increase your happiness and reduce stress. This app offers a free trial, as well as a monthly or yearly subscription which includes (but is not limited to) features such as a personal coach, top-tier meditation teachers, and a meditation of the day.

Meditation apps and podcasts make it easier than ever to take some time to unwind, reduce stress, and tune into your body.

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