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Flourishing Things: Farmer's Markets

Grocery stores aren’t the only place to purchase your fruits and vegetables during the warmer months. Instead of browsing the produce aisle at your regular grocery store, get outside and explore what your local farmers markets have to offer! While some farmer’s markets are open year-round, the number of vendors and products being sold tend to increase during the spring, summer, and autumn months when crops are harvested and ready for consumption.

Purchasing produce from famer’s markets means that you are getting fresh, local produce straight from the source. When you buy fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, there is a good chance that the product has been shipped from a different region or country. Shipping produce results in a considerable carbon footprint, possible food waste if the produce spoils during transit, and poor taste and quality if the produce has been harvested before it is ripe. These transportation issues apply to meat products as well. Purchasing from a farmer’s market ensures that your food will be more sustainable and enjoyable than food that has been imported from elsewhere and sold in grocery stores.

Another benefit of shopping at farmer’s markets is that you are able to support local farmers and communities! Buying locally is beneficial for the economy because it keeps money within your community. The social benefits associated with buying locally include the promotion of community gathering and the support of local families. When you purchase an item from a famer’s market, you’re able to speak directly to the famers that are providing you with your food. This personal connection allows you to learn about how your food is being grown straight from the source, and more importantly, gives you the opportunity to express your gratitude. Check out your local farmer’s markets this season to increase the quality of the food you consume and support your community! Don’t forget to bring along a reusable bag or two!

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