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Cycling Maps and Apps

Reducing barriers

While cycling is a great workout as well as a low-carbon means of transportation, there can be many barriers that prevent us from getting out on our bikes as often as we would like to. Some of those issues can be lessened with the use of cycling maps and apps as they allow us to better plan safe and enjoyable cycling routes using shared knowledge of the best routes. In addition, apps can help us track our progress which is great for motivation and they can even connect us with others interested in cycling and sharing information on how to get the most out of our time on our bikes.

Benefits of cycling

Cycling is not only an efficient and environmentally friendly method of transportation, but it is also a great way to get active outdoors. Cycling is low impact, meaning that it causes less strain and injuries than many other types of physical activities. This means cycling is suitable to a wide variety of ages and abilities. Additionally, cycling is relatively easy to learn and doesn’t require lots of physical skill. Despite the fact that cycling isn’t difficult or straining, it is still a great workout! All of your major muscle groups are in use as you pedal and cycling for a longer period of time is a great way to increase your stamina.

Physical benefits aside, cycling is a great way to incorporate adventure into your life. Although many people use cycling in the city as a means of transportation, cycling trails are a fun way to explore a new area and get out of the city! Cycling maps and apps are a great way for you to discover new biking trails, map your own routes, track your progress, and connect with people who share your interest in biking! Keep in mind that the bike routes shared on cycling apps differ in terms of difficulty and length, and many routes are geared towards more advanced cyclers.


Bikemap is a website that was founded in 2014 by passionate cyclists that wished to share routes with other cyclists around the world. The website features 5.9 million different cycling routes which are located across the globe. Routes that are used for training, touring, and commuting are made available on the site, allowing individuals to choose and search for routes that fit their needs and abilities.

On the website you are able to search for routes by country and then further specify which region you are looking to bike in, whether you want a flat or hilly route, a quick or long ride, and what type of route you would prefer, whether it is in city, through the mountains, or along a road. Each individual route provides users with a description, distance, and ratings from other cyclists.


Strava is a popular cycling app which allows users to track the routes they take and upload it on to the social component of the app where you can connect with friends. The rides you upload to Strava will provide you with information such as your speed and distance, allowing you to analyze each ride. The app also provides you with suggested routes in your area, variations on your usual routes, and allows you to share your favourite routes with friends!

Google Maps

Google Maps is another great resource for finding cycling directions. Simply type your starting address into field A and your destination into field B. Make sure to choose the bicycling option on the dropdown menu. Google will suggest several routes which you will then be able to customize by dragging the blue line wherever you’d like. Another beneficial feature of Google Maps cycling directions is that the maps are colour coded. Dark green lines represent biking trails, while light green lines represent streets with bike lanes. Dashed green lines represent other recommended streets for cyclists.

Check out some cycling maps and apps in order to enhance your cycling experience! Just make sure that you have the proper safety equipment (such as a helmet and reflective material) and a cellphone in case of emergencies when you are exploring a new route. Ride safely and have fun!

Best cycling apps


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