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Flourishing Things: Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a sustainable approach to the fashion industry. Considering the environmental and social consequences of fast fashion, the slow fashion movement, which seeks to reduce the environmental harm associated with clothing, is necessary. Slow fashion aims for sustainability by considering the materials, resources, and workers involved in the production of clothing. Opposed to fast fashion, slow fashion encourages creating quality garments that are made to last.

The slow fashion movement echoes historical methods of clothing production. Before the industrial revolution, clothing was made by hand using local materials and workers. Clothing wasn’t about keeping up with fast paced trends or owning dozens of different outfits. An emphasis was placed on quality and longevity. The slow fashion movement shares these values and encourages people to buy less and buy sustainably.

Brands that participate in slow fashion tend to use sustainable materials (whether they are organic, recycled, or vintage), produce and sell locally, and sell a smaller range of styles/looks. Slow fashion brands are often small stores opposed to large chains. Because these brands are often local establishments, purchasing slow fashion clothing is a way to support your local economy.

Slow fashion does not mean that you have to sacrifice style for sustainability! The slow fashion movement is gaining popularity, which means that more and more companies are producing sustainable clothing. This increases the amount of styles for you to choose from. Not only do styles differ, but slow fashion brands are coming out with clothing for a wide range of activities. This includes activewear, casual clothes, bathing suits, undergarments, denim, professional attire, and accessories.

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