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Flourishing Things: Plant and Seed Swaps

Spring has just arrived, which means it is time to get out your gardening tools and gloves! This year, instead of buying seed packets from the store, consider participating in a local seed swap or plant exchange. Seed swaps allow gardeners to exchange seeds from their personal collections. The exchanging of seeds is a time-honoured tradition that goes back many generations. Swapping seeds is a great way to introduce some new plant varieties into your garden, get involved with your community, and learn some helpful gardening tips!

Seed swaps often feature heirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds come from open-pollinated plants, which means that they retain the characteristics from their parent plant and are able to pass on their characteristics to future generations. Heirloom seeds carry a piece of history, as they come from plant varieties that are introduced prior to the 1950s. Fruits and vegetables from heirloom plants have high nutritional value and taste. Additionally, planting heirloom seeds ensures that these plant varieties are not lost.

Similarly, plant exchanges allow gardeners to share plants, cuttings, and knowledge. They are a great way to diversify your garden without breaking the bank. They also allow you to give back to the community by supplying your own seeds, cuttings, and plants for others to enjoy! Look online for seed swaps and plant exchanges in your area. Online communities such as Seed Savers Exchange or the Reddit group r/seed swap are a great way to exchange seeds across the globe!

Seed Savers Exchange

Plant Swap

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