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Flourishing Things: Green Maps

            Green Map is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for people to create and share environment-themed maps. These maps identify and locate areas in a city which contribute positively to the environment, whether they are local parks, conservation sites, environmentally friendly businesses, electric charging stations, or recycling depots. Green Maps exist and can be created all over the world. Since its 2009 launch, there are now 120 Green Maps and over 10,000 sites which are listed for you to explore and share. Green Maps are a great resource for those who wish to connect with their community and share or discover hidden gems within their city!

             As a Green Map user, you can refine your search by choosing between three categories: Sustainable Living, Nature, and Culture and Society. This feature helps you find sites or amenities that suit your needs! Additionally, Green Maps are meant to be explored and refined by their users. Use your experience and knowledge about local places to share your images, suggestions, insights, and opinions.

              You can also contribute to your community by creating your own Green Map. While a Mapmaker used to be a person or organization that paid to use the Green Map name and tools, Green Map now has an open licence which means that anyone is able to use this useful resource! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own Green Map. Your map can be online and interactive, a traditional printed map, target specific issues, or cover anything and everything sustainability related. Involving local experts, community members, youth and knowledgeable individuals in your map-making process is a great way to engage your community and ensure differing perspectives are accurately represented within your map!

Green Map

Open Green Map

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