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Flourishing Things: Global Climate March

Climate groups and activists around the globe are working together to coordinate Global Climate Marches. This international climate movement, which began in August 2018, as Greta Thunberg’s single person strike, has caught momentum and is inspiring cities across the globe to voice their concerns about climate change. Global climate strikes, which have taken place during the 2019 European Parliament election and the United Nations Climate Summit, demand action from politicians in order to prevent climate change to facilitate the transition to renewable energy. Lessons from the past have taught us that public pressure is essential in evoking change.

The September 2019 strike during the Global Week for Future attracted millions of protesters and is thought to be the world’s largest climate strike to that point. 4,500 individual strikes occurred with crowds made up of schoolchildren, teens, adults, and elders in over 150 different countries. The magnitude of these global strikes, combined with the wide age range of people participating in them, demonstrates the severity of the environmental issues at hand and the public’s demand for change.

April 3rd, 2020 marks the first Global Month of Climate Action. During this month, multiple global climate strikes and events are held in order to inspire positive environmental change. Get involved however, you can in order to take action against climate change! Worldwide events can be viewed on the Fridays for Future website. Participating in global climate strikes can be done in a variety of ways, including emailing politicians, joining online zoom strikes, and using social media hashtags such as #Fridaysforfuture, #Climatestrike, and #Digitalstrike!

Fridays for Future

Global Climate Strike

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