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It is Possible!

We can make the impact we are meant to make! We can get past the overwhelm and grief and feel confident knowing the steps to take to live a sustainable life - for ourselves and for the planet.

You want to make an impact - but are not sure where to start

If you are a person who at times feels deeply saddened by the state of the environment and social issues, and you want to live more sustainably but find it all overwhelming, just hop on a call with me. No charge, I am here to help!

Hi I'm Kristina

I teach people how to do better, live better and FEEL better through Sustainable Wellbeing and Green Living. If you are looking for evidence-based approaches to live a more sustainable and balanced life, I have resources here for you.

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Green Home Guide

Find ways to go greener at home for healthier people and planet. Here are my most effective tips in an all-in-one free resource. Save time and make a difference!

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Live. Well. Green.

Environmental Sustainability is at the top of many people's minds, yet we don't always know how it fits into our lives. That's what I am here to help you with. I truly believe that environmental action is great for our bodies, minds and the planet. I have been teaching and implementing environmental sustainability for over 20 years, and I have so many positive insights to share with you.

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