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Learn about the issues of the Fashion Industry and how you can look good while doing good.

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So, you care about the planet and social issues but maybe are not quite sure how this all applies to the fashion industry and what you can do about it. Not to worry, we've got you covered!


Did you know...

In New York City alone, 200 million pounds of clothing end up in the landfill each year.

Synthetic fabrics release micro-plastics into the environment when washed.

Ethiopian garment workers earn a base wage of $26/month, a living wage is $110/month.


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Get practical tips on how to make better choices to change the fashion industry and your wardrobe for the better.

Learn how you can act on your values while looking great.


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you can make an impact that will help to empower women to advocate for fair wages and eliminate injustice in the fashion industry. AND apply what you learn to your closet and shopping habits today!

Finally, you can feel really good in your clothes!

Fashion and the Environment

Get the facts on the impacts that our clothing has on Climate Change, Water Use, Toxic Chemicals and Waste Generation. The fashion industry ranges from large-scale agriculture to synthetic chemicals, to waste processing and transportation, and they all have impacts.

Fashion and Women

Find out the issues of the women behind the scenes and behind the sewing machines in the fashion industry. Women are often working in unsafe conditions and paid less than a living wage, fuelling the fashion industry. Learn what Re/make is doing about it.

Fashion and YOU

There are many roads to sustainable fashion. Learn about the options that are available for every budget and style. Everything from thrift shopping to buying from approved labels to making the most of the clothes that you already own, and more. Find solutions that work for you!

Join Sustainable Fashion Industry Insiders

Learn the issues and the exciting changes transforming the fashion industry and how you can change your approach to fashion, to look great and FEEL great!


“Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.”

Lucy Siegle, Environmental issues journalist